Testimonials and Snapshots

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Testimonials and Snapshots

  1. Laurence john says:

    I really appreciate your advice, I’m trading for the first ,started last month but I’m using a demo account. …..

  2. Jeoffrey zakka says:

    How do i start on demo account?

  3. Chalice says:

    I have a question . I want to he able to flip my account and make nearly 1,000 a day . I started off with 120 in my account . I just want to make good money and invest like you

    • Kou Success Lee FX says:

      HI there, With 120 to make 1000 a day you will over leveraging the account. You will end up scalping more on smaller time frames and be more stressed out, if that is what your intend to do on flipping an account.

  4. Hyacinth says:

    I need to learn your strategy for trading especially scalping. Lets discuss

    • Kou Success Lee FX says:

      Thanks, have you decided on what course or memerbship to purhcase yet?

      • Hyacinth says:

        I have not seen the options to choose from But what I want is to learn how to trade and be making money. I like signal but it is not all i want. More than signal is how to generate the signal too. You will know where to place me and advice accordingly.

      • Kou Success Lee FX says:

        How about the lifetime membership

      • Hyacinth says:

        Ok. How do I join that one. The cost implication. And how do I see all the products so i can choose

      • Hyacinth says:

        If possible let’s chart- whatsapp, telegram, zoom anyone possible with you

      • Kou Success Lee FX says:

        i only do zoom for the signals group as it hat stated on there. unless you are on the lifetime membership than it I amm okay with skype and google hangouts.

      • Hyacinth says:

        how can I join any of them. let me start with signal. Show me the link

  5. Ryan Jensen says:

    Loved your YouTube video. Can you email me the document for trading crypto that was on your YouTube video please?

  6. Alain says:

    Hi, how do i join signal group? i have a verified account how do i start trading on my phone?

  7. Joshua says:

    How much is your course? How do I register for the course?

  8. Hyacinth says:

    Kou, how do I get your strategy doc. And what is the way to the your signal. I have sent you a message before.

  9. moagisi mothibedi says:

    Would you please share with me the crypto document you were discussing on YouTube

  10. moagisi mothibedi says:

    I managed to get a copy through telegram group…God bless

  11. nazim fahas says:

    could you please send me the presentation “Ways to Flip an Account PPT”

  12. Evang says:

    Hello! I just subscribed for the fx signals, could you tell what should I do from here?

  13. Sonita says:

    Please kindly let me know when is the best chance to buy or sell.

  14. winrif says:

    will you please teach me how I can makr money online whether through forex or crypto, I al coahable, and will to start with $500 which is what I can afford now. I have time to learn. Please I want you to be honest with me, I don’t want to be scamed with little survival money I have. please let me know what appropriate for me to start with.

  15. Basil Shelton says:

    Your video on how you flipped your account is testimonial I would like to have more details on how to do exactly that .my email address is ,I would love all the help you can give and advice .

  16. Brent says:

    Interested in your book. I am doing IML right now. Need to let me build you a website.

  17. Sau says:

    Thank you 😊

  18. Mohamed elkadi says:

    Hello please i want to learn how to trade reallity all the money i can diposit is 50$ is there any change with a small amount .and is it possible for you as a big trader to help me??

  19. Marcos says:

    Hi, I’ve been with IML for several months. I’ve been studying their materials on different indicators and ways to utilize them. I’ve also subscribed to their trading signals. As of yet, I haven’t had any consistent profitability in my demo accounts. In fact their signals tend to help blow accounts. I stumbled across you video on flipping small accounts and am interested. I need to ask how confident you are in being able to start an account from say 500-1000 USD and having it generate a 1000/day income?

  20. imed says:

    is your strategy included in your book

  21. Affan says:

    sir can you tell me the winning strategy

  22. Bailey Thibodeaux says:

    could you please explain somehow on tax information with foreign brokers while being a US resident. i need so much more clarification. i dont want to do anything illegal. my main concern is how to file your gains/profits if they dont send a 1099. and also is it legal to use more than 1:50 leverage as a us resident.

  23. Ronald says:

    Once you come out with your trade copier do I have to be a member, Is that seperate from membership . Just a monthly cost for your copier service . Would you mind telling me the cost of this service ? What’s the least amount in one’s account to start with? What is your average DD ?

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