Yes, you will need a PC to run 24/7 or buy your own VPS for this software copier (MT4 desktop only) No mobile version is available so do not ask about mobile. There will be no mobile app for this software. VPS is optional, I do not use a VPS since they are very slow.

Trade Copier will restart every 1st of the month, after the 3rd day of the month I will not accept any new clients for the trade copier. If accounts are blown, then I will wait till next month to restart. Understand this free service can be discontinued or banned at any time.

LQDFX Affiliates sign up link

Must be under my IB link to be approved for all access to be on Kou Lee FX Free Trade Copier Software – Failure to read and acknowledge and follow, will cause permanent ban. This is a not chat group or a signal group. MT4 desktop app only.

  1. Account must be funded, proof of verification needed, if you already have a  LQDFX account, then you need to email the broker and ask them to switch you over to my affiliate link.
  2. LQDFX account minimum deposit $1000 or more (Low Risk)
  3. Understand high risk can blow your account at any time vs being in low risk.
  4. Must show proof of sign up link and attached funded account
  5.  I will need account # to add you into my Trade Copier Software. You do have full access to all the settings on the ex4 file software file on MT4
  6.  You will need my account provider # to add me as the Provider for the software trade copier.
  7. During TAX season it will be high risk and aggressive trading Feb 1st through April 1st of every year. Most volatile markets trading time to make lots of money!!!
  8. Ensure you fully understand the deposits methods for LQDFX I am not their customer support, only for the trade copier software issues.
    1. word service document will be given to those are serious to read up and understand the kouleefx LQDFX free trade copier service terms & conditions.

For more info, please email me

Telegram me @ kouleefx

Please read the word document attached to the email or personal trade copier group once accepted in the kouleefx trade copier

You will be added to Trade Copier Group on Telegram once everything is verified and secured. Documents and ex4 file will be attached if you are serious about this. but all requirements above need to be met in order to receive this file MT4 desktop.

This is a free service, please do all requirements above! You can be ban for any stupidity and being too greedy. Too many clients have tried in the past with me.