$299 Lifetime Membership

$299 Lifetime Membership 

One Time Fee ——————-Please Read Full Description on bottom

299.99 Lifetime Program KouLeeFX

Lifetime program with Kou Lee FX Book included Group Webinars on Zoom.US 1 on 1 if needed with me 30 min max


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Lifetime of Forex signals and ( crypto signals on JAFX ) on Telegram app with the other lifetime members

Personal sessions with me 30 min max with me. I have to accommodate my schedule with other people and other customers on the lifetime membership as well.  (Skype, zoom, google hangout to update and talk about trading).

On top of that daily webinars are hosted with signals group unless  I have family emergency or medical appointments and other meetings.

Kou Lee FX book is included. Exclusive new materials to cover. The 135 new page PDF File revision

Also I will teach on my crypto trading on btcusd (Bitcoin/USD) strategy and how to read price action and price gaps and trendline trading on crypto pairs.

Disclaimer ( NON-Refundable) All Sales are Final

This does not include trade copier, if you want trade copier that is separate.

  • New Package with details with Kou Lee FX (Lifetime)
  • Goal is to accommodate everything in one year to ensure you have the knowledge and skills to improve and be more profitable and consistent.
  • I can only accommodate up to one hour time due to other lifetime subscription members as well (personal sessions tab) which is  $75/hour. (Please see Personal Sessions with Kou Lee FX tab).
  • Email me koutraderz@gmail.com
  • telegram me @kouleefx


Skrill and bitcoin accepted


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lifetime signals and mentor-ship and training and support ( Personal Coaching 1 hour max per week on Skype or zoom or google hangout and yes please direct message me in case something comes)

If you leave the program, You are not authorized to come back at anytime, as you chose to leave without giving any feedback to me on your behalf before leaving.